Eastside Therapy Paws
About Areya

Areya is a Siberian Husky who was born on November 9th, 2011. Her full AKC name is Howling Winds Areya Sunshine, and she is a ray of sunshine in her mom's life.

Here are some stats about Areya:

Favorite Pastime: Walks! Areya loves to get outside and walk, sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind...she does not care. She also loves to dig in the garden (bad dog!) and play tug and catch. She also likes to play with the hose on hot days. She has been known to also wade in the local lakes, but only up to her tummy.She is not a fan of the water but boy does she love snow! She will play outside for hours in it!

Favorite Toy: Pretty much any soft toy she can rip apart, pull out the stuffing and kill the squeaker. She also loves to play the shuvunda game. She shoves the dead squeakers under the couch and makes her mom retrieve them for her. She has her trained well!

Greatest Accomplishment: Passing the therapy dog evaluation process in 2013 and becoming a registered therapy dog!